This winter, Louis Vuitton has published a collection of stories about famous people who used to travel a lot around the world. With each page opening a suitcase as well as its owner’s secrets.

Greta Garbo’s Louis Vuitton canvas bag contained nothing but a pair of blue espadrilles, flannel pajamas and a few tins of favorite jam. (But she also had a storage chest, made especially for seventy pairs of Ferragamo shoes.)

While visiting the Paris Ritz Hotel in 1956, Ernest Hemingway was surprised to find the suitcase he left there in 1930. When the writer opened it, he pulled out old letters, a menu, and two bundles of notebooks. These records formed the basis of a book about his youth spent in Paris. “A Movable Feast”. You should read it again!

By the way, recently Ritz Paris has opened a new suite with a round drawing-room which is dedicated to Hemingway.

And you can still open the bags of Sharon Stone, Madonna, Henri Matisse, Sarah Bernard, Paul Poiret, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior and other travelers with good taste. Maybe you would like to find out why one of them wanted to put a bed into a trunk.

The miniatures of Bertil Scalia are supplemented with the illustrations of Pierre Le-Tan.


The book in hardcover is available for pre-order at