Call it home, call it a history, call it the future.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was only possible to connect with telephone interlocutor via switchboard.

Since in 1928 there were already more than 100,000 callers in Vienna, a special Vienna dialing system was invented. A combination of numbers that was later abandoned due to internationalization.

In 1898, according to the plan of Franz von Neumann, the Center II of the State Telephone Department was built. This department was located on Bergasse street.

Today, more than a 100 years later, a house built in the architectural style of the ‘founders era’, has been carefully restored and modernly adapted.

You can witness the birth of a BERGGASSE 35 project, boasting a tremendous location in the very heart of Alsergrund, a new place where you already feel at home.

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By the way – you can take a look at Vienna from the windows of the historical telegraph hall, transformed into a Grand Étage – a two-story living room, with a direct phone call. No more switchboards.

T +43 / 1/532 4000

F +43 / 1/532 4000 – 40