Steininger Designers won the 2019 Red Dot Award – the largest international design and communications competition. The award ceremony was held on November, 1 in Berlin.

This year more than 5500 projects from 55 countries of the world were presented in the competition.



Taste meeting technology results in Fold. On the one hand, there is not a single extra millimeter, and on the other, all desires are thoroughly fulfilled and safely kept out of sight.

The concept of eliminating the unnecessary “better less than more” is realized at such a unattainable level that the creators tell themselves:


“May be no kitchen at all”

Martin Steininger, who inherited his grandfather’s classic Austrian furniture factory in 2001, infected esthetes all over the world with his purist ideas, taught them how to pronounce the name Steininger without errors. Today he replies as a philosopher. Or as a playwright:


“Kitchen is, first of all, an element of communication. People talk, laugh, celebrate, discuss issues and, of course, cook in the kitchen. There should be enough space for activity and emotions. The Steininger style provides the necessary calmness in the room with its minimalist form”


The precisely calculated model of the golden island of Fold instantly hit the wish list of people who know Bokuz’s “Happiness lives in the kitchen” by heart.


And now the phrase “minimalism outside, absolute functionality inside” is pronounced with different accents, not only at the Steininger representative offices in Hamburg, London, Linz, Vienna, St. Martin, but also somewhere else.


To be continued…

You can find details about the sculptural island here:



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