The elevator is not the best place to talk on the phone. You hold a briefcase in one hand, you frantically search for car keys with the other hand, you shift cigarettes from your trouser pockets to your coat with a third hand. I’m going down from the eighth floor. Sometimes the elevator stops at the first floor, and I use it to go up again. I remembered that I forgot something. When you go out, the house does not let you go, he grabs you with thousands of small hands.

If the elevator is empty, then I stand near the back wall, if there is someone in it – I stand near the side wall. I don’t like mirrors essentially, I treat them with caution, in general, I try not to look at them.

I had a girlfriend, she was much older than me, she worked as a nurse in the morgue of the hospital of the Ministry of Railways. And she was a master of sports in rowing, so healthy and strong. And her family lived in a building near Airport subway station. We studied the elevator of this building very well in a certain sense – most of our meetings took place there. I was studying in evening school at the time. It is winter, it is cold, and I remember this anxiety from the slamming of the door very well.

Elevator in Ostankino (Television tower)

Even though there are 4 elevators, and you see how they are moving, you never know which one of them you can catch. You can bet as in the sweepstakes.

You need to pull the belly when you’re inside.

You can tell whether a person is an old-timer or a new-comer by his behavior in the elevator. Newcomers, who got there for the first time, do not know that they have to take care of a zone with very sensitive photocells. Old-timers are trying to make sure that you do not cross this line, otherwise, the door will not close.

In Ostankino, people are usually nervous, everyone is in a hurry, having different errands on different floors, the door does not close, and an inexperienced person does not understand what is the issue.

Sometimes, before the elevator door is closed you have to shout to a friend that you remember him, love him, did not forget him.

In general, the system of relations in Ostankino is very complicated: it is possible to live there for years, to make friends, to love, to have a family, to raise children without even leaving Ostankino.

That day I was hosting the “Morning Program” on NTV, the broadcast began at 6 in the morning. And I broke my leg in Sardinia, just before it. They were bringing me to Ostankino, and I was jumping there.

And we happened to have two broadcasts – one for now and one for the future. One recording ended at 12 at night, and the other – “live broadcast” – began at 6 am. I calculated the time I have – 2 hours. I decided to spend them at home. I was thinking to go, have a nap and return revived and refreshed.

The editorial car drove me home, I let it go. Using crutches, I limped to the elevator, pressed the button … shit! the elevator does not work! It’s dead of the night, and my apartment is on the 8th floor…

I calculated how much time I need for walking on crutches up and down – exactly these 2 hours left until the next broadcast.

So I spent an hour and a half on the bench near the elevator. And then I returned to Ostankino. Just before broadcasting.

I think that if the “freedom of speech” exists, it exists only in the elevator. The freedom of one word only. In Russian elevators, it is everywhere – in the most luxurious houses, where a square meter costs $ 30,000 – this word inevitably appears.