The most famous Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with Cindy Crawford, Olympic alpine skiing champion Lindsey Vonn, and the famous American athlete LeBron James launched the line of the “smart” food additives production.

In a letter posted on the official website of the brand, the creators of Ladder stated that they are tired of watching people ruin their health with various chemical remedies. They said “no!” to magic pills and decided to personalize your sports nutrition.

You fill out a questionnaire, and the trainer, nutritionist, and doctor choose dietary supplements in accordance with your needs, body type and even draw up a plan of consumption. There are no prohibited substances in the Ladder. The main ingredients are vegetable proteins derived from pumpkin and peas. broccoli seed, green tea extract, spirulina, and spinach.

Ladder was created both for professional athletes (they can assemble their dietary supplements as a constructor), and for people who are keen on fitness.

The brand works by subscription (the cost varies between 60 and 90 USD per month  ).

All the details can be found on the official website of the company: