Jakob Schriefl. My 5 points in Vienna



WU (Vienna University for economics and business). It’s my number one, maybe because I spend most of the time there. I just think that it has a great atmosphere and great fleur. It’s also a great place to study and spend time with friends, drink coffee. You can do a lot of things there – so it has to be number one.


I also love the Inner City in Vienna.  I know, it’s a bit touristic but I am not from Vienna originally, I am from the south of Vienna – Eisenstadt. And when I come to Vienna every time, I still feel like a tourist  – the whole city, its buildings amaze me, it’s a kind of paradise,  I think.



One of my favorite cinemas is the cinema boutique Votive Kino, which is located next to this coffee shop. It’s a very old-school cinema boutique, they also show movies in their original language with subtitles which is quite rare nowadays and I like that because I like to watch movies in English as well..


Jonas Reindl coffee shop is my favorite coffee spot in Vienna.


And of course, the Albertina Museum

About time-management


I am not the kind of person who plans a day or a week ahead. It all happens quite naturally for me – I mean I have my course times – they are set, I can’t change them so I try to move my time around my courses. I really try to use my free time even between the courses since i am already in Vienna.  That is my main strategy  – I would say but – in the end, we all know what we have to do, we feel it a bit when the bad thought comes «I still have to do it». 


“Generally, I’m not focusing on obstacles”


Time-management only works for the topics which are interesting – it’s totally ineffective if people hate what they do or do something just because they have to do it.


About goals and ways


Even when I have the big  goal, I try to set really tiny goals, as small as possible. Because you have many positive experiences even if you study something about 10 minutes or manage to solve one question, its ok, it’s already a result. 

You start to see only progress all the time because if you set a goal really high (and I set high goals but with tiny steps in between) and you don’t have those tiny steps, the goal is always far away.
I love to make long breaks. Netflix  is  a typical way of reloading for the people of my age. I am a series loving guy. If I can take my time and I know I don’t have to do anything tomorrow, I watch the new long movie.

About girls

I like girls who know what they want to do with their lives, not just big beautiful dolls.

About boys

Boys often show their power in a muscular way. It is also important for me to know your weaknesses, not to be afraid to show them. You must realize that you also have emotions, you are emotionally healthy, psychologically healthy. It’s the one thing that many men still ignore I think it’s a very important thing to think about it.

About football


It’s a long story. It started in 2016.
Let me put it this way. I am a member of the board of local «People with disabilities Organization” of the area where i live, in Eisenstadt city.
We planned to include sports for people with disabilities in our program because in our area there were no offers for people with disabilities to do any kind of sports, especially for people who need electrical wheelchairs. We said: ” We have to do something for those people and children”. 


 “Powerchair  football  –  I like the name”.


There was a team, it’s still is a team in Vienna which is among the top teams in Europe. We watched the game and we said: «We need  to start the same thing in our area as well”.
There was a training camp in Vienna where we were invited but it was a Viennese team. We started to look for people who are interested  in our lokation and we established our team in 2016 with 4 players and now we are 9 players. We have also children coming from a distance of 150 kilometers to train with us every week.


About World Cup 2019


It was an amazing experience for all of us. Even though competition was really tough and we only managed to become 6th (out of 7), we will never forget this journey and we will try to develop the sport in Austria with all that we have learned at the Nations Cup. And this is just  the beginning!


About Paris


The main reason is that because I am studying economics and WU has a huge number of partners of Universities all over the world and only a few of them are specialized in economics. Paris is one of the best partner institutions that are specialized in economics. The second reason is the city itself. I think it’s a great opportunity to see it the for the first time in my life so i am very excited.


About the French language


I am just starting to refresh my knowledge from the school. We learned the language for 5 years and we couldn’t say any correct sentence  – t’s horrible. I try to watch movies in French or read. If you learn a language, you have to feel it anyway

Concerning the ‘power chair’ football I think I will have to pause it. There are great teams in the Paris area. But we have very specific types of wheelchair.
I am not playing with my usual wheelchair, there is an electrical sports wheelchair and I don’t think I  will get it in Paris. It’s a big problem because I don’t want to send it by post or anything. It’s a really expensive device. Some models cost about 15 000 euros.
We managed to get  two devises in our team only throw donations. There are so many people who are excluded from serious competitions because they don’t have a financial background. We can see it in every sport, unfortunately.  But everythng changes.


Photo: Sergiu Borkuta,