Dan Karavan


After receiving a master’s degree, Dan Caravan was celebrating the graduation of the Regent’s Business school of London. The celebration was really loud, and he got tired of it.  So, in the best traditions of local graduates, he went into a stationery store on Reiman Street. To buy a drawing paper. He was looking for the largest piece of cardboard, which was supposed to become a detailed poster-plan about the proper way of living and should have been hung in front of the bed. And then he suddenly noticed paints.

One second later, the ‘freshly baked’ master decided to add colors to his business plan, completely unaware that something new had entered his life that moment.

Thus, at the interface of info-business and art, a new sincerity of Dan Caravan was born. It was instantly passed on to his fellow students, and then to other British people who adore all kinds of innovations and experiments.

This spontaneous color correction today conquers more and more people in different countries; they follow the improvisations of a cheerful philosopher with real passion.

 An artist, a drummer, a performer, a producer, a communicator, a poet-provocateur, a vocalist – and that’s not all.

Filling his paintings with references from the history of art, he, as a DJ, combines forms of expression – he animates fragments of the present and the illusory, the past and the future.

Dan Caravan mixes all modern phenomena: blogs, Instagram, street style, culinary and travel-blogs, lifestyle, music and sports-extreme videos.

All his hobbies are instantly reflected in the paintings – he paints real life and adores collaboration.


Working in pop-art, street art, mixed-media, different types of abstraction, dripping, art graffiti, he literally mixes everything that he loves. Using gold leaf, banknotes, crystal epoxy, Dan Caravan provokes viewers, surprising ones and making smile the others.


“There is always an invisible emoji-smiley In my works” 


 It is this mocking modern “code” of the joy of life, mixed with good self-irony and a great insight into the Instagram era that just can’t be ignored. Dan Caravan rethinks culture, making it more accessible to generation Z.

Dan Caravan is a cheerful thinker and attentive observer. His every portrait is a portrait transformed by ideas and references. Like a real communicator and multitasker, the Caravan sees art as a series of fusion-style projects; He is active, ready for collaborations and looks at the world in his own way.

“The plot view of my paintings is constructed from the same observation points, as I look at myself and the people around me every day. What can we see around us? Household things and greatness, ugliness and charm, absurdity and irony, passion and boredom, love and hate, care and indifference, greed and charity boom”.

Dan Caravan moves easily between different disciplines and continents.

He is an avid traveler, it is impossible that he stays in any place of the world for a few days. Here he is – representing the artists on the hybrid art show in New York, then he crosses the whole of Europe in the rally (sometimes ‘in reverse’). Here he is – mounting a trip series on the way to a rock festival, and now he flies to the opening of his exhibition in Berlin.

Taking into account a growing interest from European art curators and owners of American sound labels, it would be interesting to learn what Dan will do next.


“Believe in yourself, dream bolder, and you won’t be bored!” Dan Caravan encourages everyone, launches a motivating flash mob of joy, keeps a close eye on Mask and prepares for the first intergalactic exhibition.