A.MO. LA. VI.TA. Jewelry precise performance

When everyone around throws off the masks, the social life bubbles up again, and you long for unforgettable impressions or just want to experience far niente – living an easy, non-committal life, then get a small company of nice people and head for an A.MO LA VI.TA tour by Alex Ball.

Green hills, juniper forests with hidden medieval monasteries, wineries, farms and trendy spas. Beautiful gestures, strong emotions. Italian feast of the eyes, spirit and flesh.

To quietly organize a tour to Valenza, the jewelry capital of the world, to enter the inner sanctum of hi Juv and spring a surprise right there – is an extremely spectacular way to confess your love,  recording this precious moment with an antique magnifying glass in your hands.

With the proper approach, everyone will be happy: in married couples, she feels like a queen, admiring a diamond sparkling on her finger, and he is sure that money is in safe hands. Literally. And at the very beginning of the love story, an excellent cut of the hint will be your ticket to a bright and shining future.

There is a principle in the concept of Alex Ball – virtuosity of performance.

An original idea, a design trick, perfectly tuned aesthetics, handmade work of the best craftsmen and a new innovation code – in the end, everything should be combined at the highest level.

For whom

A new sculpted cocktail ring or playful pendant by Alex Ball are  always  welcome and on time – in boutiques of the same name (in Courmayeur-Mont-Blanc on Ischia, Fort Village) and in the jewelry boxes of the top fashionistas. But here, in Valenza – the prices are most affordable. Alex Ball is an avant-garde or artistic jewelry. Rather fauna than flora.

Pallavidini, as a brilliant marketer, is never tired of improvising on his favorite spherical theme (fish-ball, parrot-ball), and his jewelers masterly play with malleable metal, shaping even more complex animal-designed products into a ball. In general, good guy Alessandro is absolutely not afraid to scare. As an experienced psychologist, feeling the hidden desires of women with a predatory gaze, he offers them “dangerous” snake phalange rings. And for more languid customers, those who sincerely believe and know how to convince the others in their virgin modesty, Alessandro puts on the finger diamond lace, modestly exposing just a nail.

“When a woman says that she will come back with her husband, I know that she just politely says goodbye.” Nowadays more and more often, women themselves buy jewelry. Like Elibet Taylor. And if she has not met her Barton yet, this is not a reason not to get “the best friends.”

For men

It is beyond argument that gems are the best friends of girls. For men, they are also not just friends or acquaintances anymore. As the last Oscar showed, journalists increasingly call pearls neo-bourgeois stone for men. Meanwhile, golf, basketball, and tennis lovers have long played their pearl with diamonds in the setting by Alessandro. As well as dandies, nostalgic conservatives and even some street style stars.

Historical gifts

Colosseo is among the impressive items in the Alex Ball jewelery collection. This in every way historical bracelet in a case of white gold got totally almost 30 carats of diamonds.

You can sign up for master classes with a famous jeweler as a couple or as part of a microgroup. In one day, you will learn all the stages of creating jewelry: from making wax prototypes to polishing the finished product. 

This jewelry will survive any adventure with you

An unexpected opportunity to become part of a big brand and the keeper of its little secrets – few sybarites can resist. Here are the sightseers’ favourite chapters from the company history: 



– I’m not a lover, I’m a jeweler! 

A huge ball from the attic and the Balla nickname. 

Ring and a jealous Sicilian husband. 

White jacket and his two lives. 

For whom Dario, Alessandro’s father gave up his career at Van Cleef & Arpels

Made in Italy. 100%

Pallavidini, heading more then 60 years old family-run company, refuses to dilute Dolce Vita with the pronouncement of strangers.

And all the details, from the velvet case, the leather cord, till the cherished boxes, he produces in Italy. But Made in Italy is not just a stamp or letters on boxes.

To dispel all stereotypes and show his country from an unexpected angle, he, together with the cheerful brunette Alessandra, opens the most hidden doors of Monferrato and skillfully makes you fall in love with life. Again and again

 The code of happiness

If you are no longer interested in just buying the most necessary, and  if you want, under the guidance of Italian masters, to learn to understand the shades of diamonds, Colombian emeralds or even to try yourself what Benvenuto Cellini taught;

If you would like not just to order a truffle dish in Piedmont restaurants, but also take part in the hunt;

If you like to leisurely taste the best grappa in the world in an ancient cellar, and then to harmonize your body and soul in local spas, looking from the top at the idyllic landscape framed by arched windows on high hills, Atpoint recommends to write down A.MO.LA.VI.TA code of happiness in your moleskines and prepare for its decoding. 


The вrilliant idea

Alessandro and Alessandra wholeheartedly love their native MonFerrato and treat guests like their old friends. They thought of everything. The opportunity to see with your own eyes the birth of hi-ju jewelry that leaves the Alex Ball factory in Valenza to shine around the globe, is absolutely unique.

Something is telling us that reserving A.MO. LA. VI.TA  finely cut impressions will be as difficult as to find a binding in cult models with rotating balls. And when spinning, these balls bring good luck. Immediately. Alessandro Pallavidini knows this for sure.

About love

One morning, Alessandra Accupone, head of PR department Loro Piano decided to work from home instead of going to Milan. On this day, in a long list of plans she had an order for jewelry golf balls as a gift to the company’s customers. Having opened several sites of major Italian jewelry manufacturers, she went to the Facebook page of the Alex Ball Milano factory, and wrote a message. The answer came in no time. The conversation from a business tone unexpectedly transposed when Pallavidini (it turned out that he was personally managing corporate social networks) suggested:

– Stop by, we’ll choose a model!

– I would love to, but alas, I’m not in Milan at the moment.

– And where are you, if I may ask? – Alex Ball Milano brand owner inquired  in Italian. In every sense of the word.

– In Valenza …

– Where exactly? Come to the window – the distance was reduced along with acceleration. Acelerando & Crescendo.

Next was the messenger call and either a mute scene, or vice versa, too emotional – there  is no consensus. But questions still hang in the thick air of Monferrato.

How in a town with a high status, but a modest population (20,000 people) they did not know about the existence of each other? How was it possible not to run into each other, every Saturday going around the Garibaldi monument – having lunch in one restaurant and dancing in the neighbour one?

Alessandro, Osho and overseas philosophical retreats fan, smiles slowly and meaningfully:

 “Happiness is around the corner!”

And then, six years ago, having made a gift from his heart – a pendant with a diamond  in the relevant form from the Symbolics collection, he showed the belle the sky in diamonds and set a wedding date. Alessandra pressed a gift to her heart and set to work examining the books on jewelry art.


The gift you want to keep for yourself

Now in the arsenal of Alex Ball there are four main, constantly updated collections of jewelry – Pallachegira, Simbolika, Primitiva and Colori D’islandia. For the connoisseur of different styles, this means that among such a variety you can find a modest twisted ball for every day, an elegant brooch in the form of an aquamarine explosion or a symbolic pendant “heart” with diamonds.

The head of the brand, under the strict guidance of the boss (that’s what he calls Alessandra) is preparing a collaboration with his own daughter.

“Penelope is five. And it’s not that we use child labor — Alessandra bursts into laughter — or inspire her to think about the future. Penelope anyway feels herself a hostess here, loves to communicate with customers, conducts tours around  the factory, efficiently manages everything around, and her first sketch for the children’s collection is already in production.”

This is a double chromatic collection with small and large Alex Balls. For girls of the Alpha generation and  their mothers. Thus Alessandro rolled the ball from his childhood. Penelope took the service. The circle was completed. And a new story began. Follow the news. Or better yet, write to the boss. ALEX BALL brings good luck. Of course, you keep that in mind. . . Tel: +39 366 56 44 314